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When using safelists there is only one way to guarantee sign-ups. People want to know that they will not be left hanging in the wind. Nobody cares what your business is. They want to know what they need to make it work for them. People have had enough crap from poor sponsors and lazy company owners. You know the ones that never answer a question because it is on the site somewhere. The easy cure is by building a list without the crap. Just bare facts and a promise like I am making to you. “I will be here to HELP YOU accomplish what you feel you need in order to make it on line”. 

When considering any Multi Level Marketing business it is real important to find a sponsor you can work with. Global NPN is a MLM opportunity offering a whole suite of must have inter net marketing tools with a step ladder approach. As you grow so will your needs. In my humble opinion the most affordable rate on the net.

So how do you find a good sponsor?

Well the obvious thing is to contact them before you join. I know this should be obvious to some of us. But I have had very few contact me before they joined any MLM opportunity that I have ever been involved with. Most will wait until they join then try to get a hold of me.

Then if I can not get back to them within minutes they will more than likely move on and never do anything with what I have for them. And that is OK with me. You see if a person expects instant results they are not the type I want to waste any time with. I know that may sound rude, but you know what, the truth is what it is.

There is no fast, depending on your meaning of fast of course.

There is no FREE opportunity that you can get rich from. Where would the money come from?

I consider fast to be within profit within 6 months. Now hold on you say, What you mean by profit? Well I call profit when I reach $.10 over my expenses.

An Example:

Global NPN costs start at $14.97 a month and it takes 2 sign-ups to break even. So that would mean to me that within six months I must make at least $79.83. How do I come up with that figure. 6 X 14.97 = 79.82 so I must show the extra penny at least.  If I get at least three people during that 6 months I will easily create a profit.

Now Personally I shoot for a profit in 21 days. Personally this was done with safe-lists and my ability to focus. I give my down-line all that I use. They actually work harder than I do but most will not be in profit within the six months.

Why? You ask.

I am not really sure why is it that human nature makes us think it can not be this easy.

So we try and reinvent the wheel.

Not sure at what point people will, if ever, wake up to Keeping It Super Simple Works!

The problem may well be the word “simple” it can really mean many different things. In other words what is simple to one may not be so simple to some one else.

For example: A salesperson thinks that anybody should be able to do what they do. To be quite I honest when a salesperson contacts me, you can tell the type within 25 seconds, I simply tell them they need to learn how to build a list of contacts that would be interested in what they are selling. They have no clue how. The how is simple to me but to them it is impossible.

What to do with that list is where I thought it was hard. I have found however that if you truly believe in what you are doing will help someone then and only then does it become simple the “what to do with a list”.

A list Truly gives you a chance to separate the Doer’s from the Dreamers. Dreamers are a dime a dozen and will never do anything for you. So personally I stay away from wasting my time with Dreamers.

If I get one Doer a day I am happy.

I am getting side tracked here Sorry!

The idea for this article is about you and how you can find a sponsor that you can work with. So lets get back to the subject on hand.

I am going assume you have found a MLM opportunity that you are interested in building. That must be the first step of course. I highly recommend taking a good look at Global NPN.

Why? Well they are the finest example of the leverage a person gains when working with a MLM opportunity. Affordable, something a person can use every day, easily duplicatable.

If you are in a hurry CLICK HERE to look it over. I strongly suggest you watch the presentation video.

Do your research into the company. What do they offer? How many levels and width? and so on. Just so you know with MLM even with a crappy sponsor, if you are determined, you can build a successful business. Success totally depends on you with MLM. That is one fact that few realize. Yes it is easier with the right sponsor.

That is why you must find a sponsor you can work with.

Here is a big tip on a bad sponsor. During the first conversation they are telling you what other products makes them money. Run as far as you can from that one.

A good sponsor should know that it is their JOB to work for them. At the very least I expect to put in many hours the first month with my new people teaching, maybe even doing the hard part in the beginning then as time passes and when he can do for their as I have done for them. Well lets just say then I should start feeling lonely until I go out there and get another.

A good sponsor knows he can not work for more than one at a time. Nor if he is doing his job should they have to work with more than one at a time. This is the biggest mistake people make when doing any MLM program. They focus on filling the whole matrix. When they need to focus on JUST one!

That my friend is the true meaning in MLM. Multi Level Leverage is what it needs to be about.

When you follow my link to check into Global NPN if the company has what you need. Be sure and USE the Sponsor Profile/Contact Page Link. On the upper right hand corner. Tell me what areas you will need help with. My answer  will be as honest as I can be. I hate hype!!!!

If you decide that someone else may make a better partner than myself that would be understandable. Just like personal relationship is not perfect for everyone. Neither is a business partner relationship.

Either way best wishes,
Nick And Debbie Anderson
Skype: nickwillhelpyou