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I shouldn’t have to tell you why the Internet is the way to go to fully experience REAL freedom and financial prosperity, but I would like to speak about it a little. It will help drive home some important points about our business model later on.

You have to know that an extremely large amount of people are looking to the Internet to provide an extra income everyday. The numbers are HUGE right now and continue to grow at astronomical rates.

The Internet will be the business marketplace of the future, of that there is no doubt. It will be generating revenues in the Trillions of dollars within a few short years according to current trends, so you are in the right place at the right time!

Building an Internet business is a piece of cake compared to trying to build a brick and mortar business out in the real world.

If you know what you are doing you can pretty much write your own paycheck AND set everything up to run automatically. You don’t even have to be working to get paid! Yes, the make money while you sleep thing is real. If you work at it hard in the beginning!

That, coupled with the fact that one can start, build, and maintain a million dollar business on the Internet with very little start-up capital (Under $200 or less) makes the choice a no-brainer. Or in the case of Global NPN less than $20.00!

Over the years I have learned that with all of the promises of instant wealth and turn-key automated riches, people really only find success online in one of two ways…

1) They start early, waste a TON of money and time, and then through trial and error, they stumble upon a working model that builds them a fortune (That is the horrible story of my Internet experience)…BUT they have to also have a desire so strong it keeps going through all the pain!


2) Someone takes a person by the hand and tells them EXACTLY what to do. They meet someone they can trust and decided to follow their lead to success! They find a mentor who is willing to TEACH and EDUCATE.

Affiliate Mareketers need globalnpnThat is exactly what my team is here to do for you. Don’t be fooled by the testimonials of the guru’s and their like. I know how that stuff works. These guys take one or two people, give them access to their private marketing lists, joint venture partners, and million dollar advertising systems and make successes out of a couple people.

They do not actually teach them how to really do it themselves. It is just for show so they can say: “See…even a no-name beginner can make it huge with my success system!” That is the normal process I am sorry to say. At our Global NPN group we share what we do so you can get your share of 100% commissions.

I even know a guy that created fictitious people out of thin air and said he helped them build million dollar businesses! I saw the people he supposedly helped one day on a stock photo site. When I called him on it he said to me, “it was just another product, man. That’s all it is…”

What a crock! Don’t be fooled by all of these $47-$97 ebook success systems. Most all of them are CRAP and that is the truth.

These guys don’t even write these things themselves. They hire some technical freelance writer to do it, pay them a thousand dollars or so and then sell it to you at $97 a piece!

Just let it all go. You have to refuse to play in this fantasy land.

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You are in good hands now. We will help you steer through the Internet mumbo jumbo and keep you on track. You have my word on that.

Each step you take with us will do something spectacular for you!

Look, I don’t care if you have been around for awhile and are just about FED UP, or you are just starting and need some guidance.

It is your turn now to get the real scoop. The future belongs to you no matter where you have come from!

Our product research goals were simple. Our product had to meet a simple set of criteria before we would even begin to look it over. It had to have a huge number of things going for it already…

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