Safe List Solo Ads: Earning Credits With Them

Safe List Genie Has Taught Me About Where Not To Waste Time

Watch the video below by clicking the video then read the complete article below:

When using a safe list you want to get as much done in the least amount of time possible. this will result in more cash in your pocket. There is sometimes getting more done is just wasting your time.

Doing solo ads to earn enough credits is one of them. Especially when everybody else is doing the same. As a free member your emails will never be opened if there are to many solo ads. As I showed you in the video.

In Safe List Genie we have a feature called Credit Level.

Safe list GenieIt is real important to understand this feature in any safe list. It means how many times can you mail to the max allowed by your membership level. If safe list x allows you to mail to 1000 safe list members and you had 2,000 credits then you credit level for that safe list is 2. Understand the advantage?

Never put 100% faith in Any Body’s stats from tracking their results. Do your own tracking to find out what works for you.

Remember time is money and when it comes to any safe list it is especially true.

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