Why do we share with you?

It just amazes me how many sponsors think the new recruit should have to learn the process that brings new people into their business. It is this really stupid thinking that kills their success. But yet they keep doing it. Why?

It is beyond me.

Yet on the other side of the coin.

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Why do new recruits refuse to think what brought them in refuse to use the same process that brought them into the business?

When I first got into internet marketing business I begged my sponsor to give me the complete system he used that brought me into his business.  He did not understand why he would do that. I was determined so I spent months learning HTML, how to set up the autoresonder, how to do follow ups. It was months that could have been spent building our business. If I had only knew about Global NPN back then. WOW! Would I been makeing a ton of money.

I think the problem is sponsors do not realize it is our business. Meaning if the new recruit fails so does the sponsor. So why not do as your sponsor did to get you involved? It will work for the new recruit as well if not better.  Sounds like a win win to me.

People are so busy trying to make money they are blinded by the get rich crap. Yet they keep wasting time and money on just another get rich program out there.

How many times have you spent time and money on another program? Somebody always will make money but most likely it is not you.


You are focusing on getting rich not building wealth! Making a lot of money online is impossible for the average person. Just not the way the internet works. Wake up to that fact and you will get past step one.

Building wealth online is not easy but it is not hard either all it takes it having the ability to focus on building wealth. Spend at least a year focusing on just one and the money will come. Wealth is possible online! Making $10,000 a month in the first thirty days is just not possible for most.

Seriously wake to facts!

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What makes the rich Rich? They focus on building wealth!

Create wealth stop trying to make money. I know when I first heard that statement it made no sense to me either. But, just think about that when you look for a home based business. Look at total picture. Then get a hold of the person that introduced you to the opportunity and ask them:
Can I get a copy of everything you do?

If they say: I can not do that. Then look for a different sponsor. The wealth will never come from that kind of sponsor. I am dead serious about that.

Building wealth comes from duplication. A new recruit should never have to spend their time learning instead of promoting. Promoting will build wealth for the new recruit and the sponsor. This needs to be done at least 4 levels deep.


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