Nick and Debbie Anderson

I get asked this question all the time:

When did you decide list building is your answer?

My answer:

I had tried many different programs. Got many sign-ups to these programs with no cash in my pocket. getting desperate to make money I found I had a talent to install scripts for people. I really did not like doing that kind of work. Very stressful!

Even thou I had built a list of thousands I still was not making any money. My own personal list still was not the answer.  I was seriously going to quit this whole inter net marketing thing. Seriously my plan was just as soon as it warmed up I was going to find another outside hobby. That is where I like to work anyway.

I was using just traffic exchanges at that time, just to build a down-line in one te program. It gave me something to past the time until spring arrived. It was better than wasting time watching tv. There is never anything on anyway. 155 channels and still nothing I was interested in. Don’t figure.

Anyway it was during that time that I had seen an ad requesting beta testers. I signed up and became a beta tester for a program called TEBrowser. The programmer Stanil Dobrev was quite the guy. Stanil taught me many tricks of the trade, sort of speaking. Trick of the trade really is misleading. We will leave it that.

While using and testing TE Browser my thoughts: this tool is going to sky rocket my earnings. There are thousands of te users that will absolutely fall in love with TE Browser. TE Browser made surfing traffic exchanges fun and tripled my traffic. Everything, and I mean everything, is right in front of the user.

So when we finally launched the sign-ups came in on a daily basis. I tried to talk Stanil into dropping the free version. My thought was that is the reason nobody was upgrading and putting cash in my pocket. The free version was good enough for most. Of course Stanil refused. It was working for him the owner.

I mean the program was a no brain-er, the upgrades where very affordable. Why was nobody upgrading? It seemed most people had no clue, and still don’t, what the biggest advantage of the te browser was.

Tried using the down-line mailer found in the system to explain the reason TE Browser is a no brain-er. Never got a response from a sole it was like I was mailing to a black hole.

Decided to give this thing called list building another chance.

I mean I totally saw no reason for people not to see the many advantages of upgrading.

First had a splash page made up trying to draw a certain type of person. The serious traffic exchange user. I did not need nor want the person that joins te programs and never uses them. That type was not my target. They would just be wasting my time.

The people that signed up to my newsletter knew that they would not discover how to get rich. Instead they would discover the low cost tool that would make things happen three times faster for them. Any serious Internet marketer knows time is money.

Naturally the number of sign ups dropped. Harder to catch the attention of serious marketers and get them to join in on my list buildingefforts. They think they have the best that is offered. Took time to convince them that this is not a fly by night program. I was determined that the demand was there I just needed to show this to enough people enough times to convince them.

By reading my newsletter they discovered how TEBrowser made live  a whole lot easier for them. They also learned that as their sponsor I could answer any questions they may have in setting TEBrowser up to get the most of it.


Because I used the software on a daily basis. Just like most of my list of people would be doing. Naturally a whole lot higher of a percentage upgraded and this put money in my pocket. Now unlike most I was not concerned where the money was coming from just that is was ending up in my account.

The number one thing Stanil taught me is, that tools do not NEED to be just an expense. They very well could become the biggest profit in your portfolios. A person should never  consider looking at everything from a single point of view. There is two sides to every coin for a reason.

An inter net marketer needs tools, that is true. But that does not necessary mean they have to remain an expense. It is not hard to share tools with others that are serious about what you are doing. This alone will make sharing your tools a profit, instead of another business expense.

Later Stanil came out with the SL Genie an awesome software for managing safe lists. That was when I really realized the true effect of having a list. When SL Genie launched  I announced it to my list. Shortly I found several of my te users used te programs but also used safe lists most of the time.

Naturally they showed more interest in SL Genie and jumped aboard. Putting more cash in my pocket. Without spending my efforts toward building a list first, those people more than likely would have joined under somebody else. List building is about giving you a second chance to reach the same person with little additional effort from you.

I quickly found out that using free traffic expecting to make money was a waste of time. Instead using free traffic to find a few people looking to do as you do will put money in your pocket first.  Mainly I learned that tools should be able to pay for themselves instead of always being an expense. In fact tools should be become a feeder program to build on top of. That my friend is what makes a “No Brain-er” opportunity.

You see when you spend time doing what you can, instead of your nose in a book learning the next big trick. Things can happen to benefit you first. Just doing and then learning becomes a natural next step.

Success can mean several different things to different people. Personally I considered my success is coming from being not making any money to now making a few hundred a month and growing every single month. That is true success to this person.

I decided on Global NPN for my auto-responder service mainly because of the start up cost.  Again I found that by sharing my experiences with my list that NPN also started to build my cash flow. To me when I use free traffic with low cost tools to gain the upper hand on my competition, to do nothing but send traffic to a lead capture page. This puts the cash in my pocket first. And leaves them the left overs.

Unlike sending that free traffic to an affiliate website to build their list and leave me nothing. I would rather be sitting in front of the tv eating potato chips. A double bad whammy at my age. 🙂

Ok! Before this turns out to be a 200 page novel. lets summarize.

Using free traffic to promote some free to join program will put money in your pocket HOW?

Using free traffic to build a “Proven List” works for you every time. Guaranteed!!!


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