Step 1  Create A  pre qualified Lead Capture Page within Global NPN!

Login to your Global NPN back office.

Mouse over Products and Tools

Under Web Site Tools look for

Page Creator: You will have two choices Standard, or html editor. Depending on where you are at with experience, pick one.

The Global NPN‘s standard version is real simple to work with. Watch the video below:

Did you pay attention to that video. If you did then you should have noticed Global NPN has a done for system in place. Just pick one of the “done for you”  Lead capture pages and skip to Step 3.

Update Global NPN now has a complete done for  you pre-qualified lead capture system. Everything is done for you, including the follow up series designed to build your business with quality leads.  All you need is website traffic. Place close attention and be sure a watch all 4 short step by step video to see if you would qualify. Click Here to learn more!!!

I do not care what your business is all about, if you are not
driving traffic to a system that allows you to keep creating
an income source from past income to multiply, then you are wasting the traffic of today and the next 30 days.
This will continue until you change how you use that traffic.

Global NPNGlobal NPN has everything you need to create the system that allows you to keep creating an income source from past income to multiply. Even if they never join your main business. Stop wasting your traffic by sending traffic to some affiliate site. Instead use Global NPN Internet marking tools to build “Your System”. Global NPN has what it takes for every level of marketers, even the absolute dummy!

Click Here (opens in a new window) To get the Global NPN why report. Then join Global NPN  as a Gold Member from the “why”  report!

Global NPN has the tools, that anyone with dreams to make money online super easy.

Learn as you grow is the basis for Global NPN.

Global NPN truly has the tools to create an easy extra income within your reach. If you wish to make money online you need to do things right. When you get tired of failing maybe you will be like I was and realize that there truly is only one way to make it happen.

Stop being like the 97% that fail with inter net marketing. I am sure you have tried everything and still have nothing to show for except a spouse, or loved one that thinks you are just wasting your time and or money.

Global NPN is in fact a complete step ladder approach, tools with an opportunity to make extra money. Global NPN is not a get rich quick scam. I am sure you have been taken in by at least one of the money online these days.

Global NPN Tools start with:

Mail Marketer PRO Autoresponder ( complete with done for you lead capture splash pages, complete autoresonder series to build your Global NPN business).

Lead capture  Page Creator

Just what you need to get started in the internet marketing world. Without Global NPN’s tools you will only continue down the same “no results” path. I know this because I tried for over 3 years.

Global NPN has a pay plan that is also simple if you like  $100 commissions. Go for GOLD.  So as you can see,  by just sponsoring one a month within a few shorts months you will be prepared to retire, or expand your monthly income. Many can do a whole lot more than “JUST ONE A MONTH“.

Sponsor “ONE” Teach “ONE”. It is just that simple. It is so simple to teach people when they are already doing the hard part. Working Safe Lists!

Global NPNIn the first 30 days with Global NPN you should be able to produce enough website traffic with safe lists, viral mailers to get “ONE”. Not hard with the few thousands of choices you will have. Just be careful NOT to fall for the stupid teachings out there.

Use a little common sense and you will be ready for retirement with extra income.

Hopefully you can see that if you teach every new Global NPN referral you get to get just one a Global NPN Gold referral a month. You’d earn 5% of that. That equals out to an extra $720.00 a month. Total monthly income is $1,920.00 a month. WOW!

Now just imagine if you stick with Global NPN for 3 yrs = $5,760.00 a month. Global NPN for 4 yrs = $7,680.00 a month. 5 yrs = $9,600.00 a month. I will let you do the math for when you reach 20 years. Unlimited width equals unlimited income from Global NPN. Most will work 20 years just to settle for a worth less pension.

I know most could do so much better Than “JUST ONE a month” using the Global NPN DONE FOR  You Approach. I will explain that to you just as soon as you get in our group serious inter net marketing professionals. If even one of your Global NPN referrals get 20 on their own you stand to make an extra bucks.

Let’s just make it a bit more interesting and say you can easy sponsor 3 and teach 3 a month. That would be a commission from Global NPN at $10,080.00 a month. That would be before anyone even joins your main business.

Global NPNVirtually Guarantees Your Success“! If you are willing to follow your Global NPN sponsors work ethic!

Copy Your Sponsors Follow Up Emails Into Your Autoresponder!

After joining Global NPN Connect with me and I will give you a code to paste into your autoresponder! Then all you need to do is edit a few lines to make the series your own.  Build multibable incomes from one list. Global NPN makes the first steps easy as eating pie. 🙂

Step 2  Place your link in Safe List Genie.

Safe list GenieWhat the heck is a Safe List Genie? You ask! Well it is the Ultimate Management tool for Safe Lists and Viral Mailers. Of course you could get more than one a month in Global NPN with Safe List Genie. Just don’t understand why you would want that. So go check out Safe List Genie Here

Step 3 Teach your new people to do the same!

Just that simple!

Global NPN + Safe List Genie Creates my strong foundation to build any business I decide to Build on!