Would you hire a carpenter without a hammer?

Most likely not because what could he accomplish. Not Much that is for sure. How about a carpenter without a saw? Again could he get anything done? No way!

So why do most affiliate marketers try and try again to make money online without the proper tools to get the job done? Maybe because they can not understand “The Flow” of Internet Marketing when it comes to affiliate marketing. To make money using the internet as a source you need to own TOOLS.

Click on video below to understand “The Flow” then read the rest of my story…….

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Are you trying to make money with an online business?

Read this page carefully to see if what happened to me sounds like what is still happening to you:

I had decided to quit Internet Marketing altogether. It was just a little over a year ago . Why? Because I was spending a ton of time, a few dollars on products I felt would help me in more way than one.

I will never forget that day. It was in the middle of January 2012 and 30 below outside, it gets down right cold here in Wisconsin. I decide to kill time by promoting a traffic exchange. Just to see if anyone would upgrade.

While earning my credits I saw an ad looking for beta testers for a new browser just for traffic exchanges. I signed up.

To keep a long story short:
At first my thoughts where what a piece of crap. The TE Browser kept crashing all the time. After my first support ticket I saw this guy was onto something and determined to get this right. Anyway when we launched the TE Browser I was thinking this is my gold mine!

I mean every traffic exchange user is going to want this, and there are tens of thousands of users. To my shock and depressing results I found people where signing up but not a dime in my pocket again!

Then during one of the many talks with the programmer he asked me if I used safe lists. Heck no was my quick response! Why he asked. To much work with no signups. He answered just as quick! Here try this, it was called Safe List Genie.

Again I thought I had it made in the shade!

Every safe list user must have this software. I am going to make a killing.

Again many signups but no cash in my pocket.

I begged the owner to change the signup process. So as an affiliate I could make money. With no avail. It was working for him. The owner was getting one in a thousand members upgrading. Well I do not know about you but I have never had a thousand people join anything. Again I was ready to quit. But with these two great products at my disposal I must be doing something wrong.

It was at that time I decided to change the way I did my marketing. Maybe that will help me FIRST. I had heard several times “The Money Is In The List”. So I started looking at auto responder companies again. Did not want to pay again for the high rates of Aweber, Get Response.

I had seen a lot of different teams promoting Global NPN.

You know the one that you can make $47,508.00 a year. Well, while helping Brian a paying down line member in Safe List Genie with a problem he was having with Safe List Genie he mentioned Global NPN.

While Brian was rattling on about all the money I would make!

I looked at Global NPN again and discovered they where an auto responder service at a rate that was a ton cheaper than I was using. I asked Brian about delivery results. To my dismay he had no IDEA!

http://images.mylistbuilders.com/meme/view/Facebook MEMES/52cd7217606c3

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Brian did not use the service! Brian was just trying to get rich with the program. Anyway! I joined and upgraded to use the auto responder. He has since quit, wonder why, so I had no sponsor to show me the ropes. Global NPN had a well written report and a premade follow up emails that talked about using “The Flowof Internet Marketing.

It was after reading that report I seen my “one mistake” that I am sure you are doing as well.

With just a minor change to how I was spending my time marketing changed my financial forecast in a dramatic way! You see it easy to demonstrate to interested people a great product once you have them on your list.

So now my “flow” goes like this:
Use all my free website traffic credits to drive traffic to my Landing Page . When they signed up to get the information I was offering. I sent them a series of 7 emails that explained the many benefits of upgrading in these tools (TE Browser and Safe List Genie). Directing MY LIST To MY Global NPN BLOG where I offered training for all the free traffic generating tools. They can signup to Global NPN as well.

We call ourselves “The K.I.S.S. Income Group for a reason.
We like to KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE but yet have an income from our efforts!

http://images.mylistbuilders.com/meme/view/Increase Website Traffic/52cd5ddb87ece

Keeping It Simple Works So Why Do Most Make So Hard? I have no clue…

That is when I started to make money from all the programs involved. WOW!

Best part is the dollar amount grows every month. Money coming in from upgraded members in Safe List Genie, TE Browser, Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists, Global NPN. Just by spending some time earning credits and sending all my traffic to “one” site.

This is the god honest truth. I am not some guru, just a retired carpenter that was bored with TV. Now making several hundred dollars a month! I know if I had not changed the way I marketed I would have quit trying to make money online. I know now an old dog can be taught new tricks. 🙂

It just makes sense that when one uses free traffic to get their members to look at a free to join opportunity that one would never make any serious money. I mean really. Where would the money come from? Free to join ONLY works for the owners and not for the individual. Are you the owner? Then where would the money come from? No where!


Our ONLY requirement is that one of our KISS income group members is your SPONSOR IN GLOBAL NPN so Get Stated Now! Global NPN upgrades starts at a measly $15.00. Let us show you how easy it really is to make money online. We offer this to anyone no matter what level.


Join GLOBAL NPN from THIS LINK and find out what you can gain with the RIGHT TOOLS and THE RIGHT SPONSOR. Watch for our email welcoming you as soon as we see you have upgraded. Pick the level you feel comfortable with. Free members will not get the tools needed to work the business in the right way, so there fore there is nothing we can do for you.

Guarantee if you learn how to use the tools, Autoresponders, Lead Capture Page Creater, leads manager, INSTANT BLOG, Downline  Builder, Task Manager, Url Rotator, you will see how super simple it really is to make money online. 🙂

We believe that a person needs to learn how to make these tools pay for themselves first, and also have in place a simple system to actually create serious residual income from these very same tools.

Global NPN

NPN has the tools we have the training

Safe List Genie

Safe List Genie The Ultimate Safe List Manager

When you combine these TWO Programs with the RIGHT Sponsor Your chances of MAKING Money with as little as ten to fourteen hours a week is easy as possible. Follow our lead TODAY!

Do It Right-Do It With Us,
Nick & Debbie Anderson